Slatts 22 Has Been Sold!

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Tacking Outrigger with Hydrofoil
The Start of a Trimaran?

The Slatts 22 is an exciting, unusual sailboat and this one has been sold. I'm leaving this page up for the curious and interested sailors doing research.

It is a tacking outrigger with a hydrofoil to help keep her sailing flat. Basically, it pulls the outrigger float down when on starboard tack, and lifts it when on port tack.

It steers with rudder pedals and all controls --mainsheet, jibsheets, foil control, rudder up/down, centerboard up/down, foil up/down, rudder pedals -- come to the front seat. Your crew can sit in the back seat and relax with a glass of their favorite whatever while you tack and gybe with ease.

  • The sails are in excellent condition. The jib furls on a Harken furler.
  • This has a Hobie 17 rotating rig.
  • The hulls are in excellent condition, with one coat of bottom paint.
  • The beams and all connections are in excellent condition.
  • The rudder and centerboard have minor dings.
  • The hydrofoil is in excellent condition.
  • The hydrofoil cable has a couple of chafe spots wrapped with electrical tape.
  • The tramp is in fair condition, but you don't spend time on it unless taking a nap.
  • With practice, she can be set up in less than an hour. The first time will be about 2 hours.

Several issues: it needs a centerboard gasket, the plastic tubing that protects the control wires running from rudder pedals to rudder need replacing, there is a small dent in the mast.

If you prefer trimarans, and if you're a handy, project-oriented person, this can easily be converted to a tri with a couple of catamaran hulls.

Asking price: $2000.

Location: Eugene, Oregon. I'm willing to drive 250 miles in any direction.

Please review all pages and photos before contacting me with questions. I do not recommend this boat for beginning sailors.

Charlie Magee