Slatts 22

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The hydrofoil prior to mounting.

The hydrofoil mounts, and swivels, on a single bolt. It can be raised and lowered from the cockpit. That plate extending perpendicular from the main foil beam (kind of in line with my sunglasses, ahead of my right elbow), has a hole in it. (That line going through does not belong there.) There is a pin inside the beam holding the outrigger, that slips into that hole on the plate and locks the foil in the down position. That pin can be pulled with a line to the cockpit, then the foil hoisted up with another line.

You can just barely make out the pin at the end of the beam. Here I'm tightening the mounting bolt.

Foil in the up position. I sometimes tell people it's a "wind foil" that provides additional lift for greater speed.